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09/20/2013 1:44 PM
Posted by: L. Greenwood

Did you know that Don't Move Firewood publishes a monthly newsletter? That's right, we are the source of the Firewood Outreach Professionals Newsletter, which is managed as part of the Firewood Outreach Coordinating Initiative. We already have more than 550* subscribers and we're always looking for short, relevant stories that pertain to firewood and invasive forest pests.

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 - Below is our archive (in reverse chronological order, with topics listed in brief):



  • No newsletter in December, see you in 2016!
  • FOCI Newsletter 2015 November 12 - Firewood for Home Heating Infographic, Buying Christmas trees, Disposing of Christmas trees, Christmas Bird Count, Holes in Trees handout, polyphagous shot hole borer, kuroshio shot hole borer
  • FOCI Newsletter 2015 October 14 - Hungry Pests Middle School curriculum, Firewood webinar, french insect masks, gypsy moth, brown marmorated stink bug
  • FOCI Newsletter 2015 September 12 - Continental Forest Dialogue, National Forest Products Week, Halloween bug masks, Laurel wilt geography
  • FOCI Newsletter 2015 August 12 - Tree Check Month, Asian longhorned beetle, spotted lanternfly, emerald ash borer geography
  • FOCI Newsletter 2015 July 15 - Tree Check Month, Asian longhorned beetle, Vermont Firewood Awareness Week success, Firewood Scout, California firewood task force
  • No newsletter in June
  • FOCI Newsletter 2015 May 13 - Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week, Vermont Firewood Awareness Week plans, Forest Pest Fly Tying Project, Kid's Corner, Bug tattoos
  • FOCI Newsletter 2015 April 15 - Farm Bill 10007 funding, Arbor Day, Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week, Continental Forest Dialogue, Asian longhorned beetle, Know your fire ants
  • FOCI Newsletter 2015 March 10 - Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week, Firewood state summary and regulation map, Great Smoky Mountain National Park firewood regulation
  • FOCI Newsletter 2015 February 11 - Plant Heroes Curriculum Hub, Firewood Scout, Goldspotted oak borer distribution, Firewood toolbox
  • FOCI Newsletter 2015 January 14 - National Invasive Species Awareness Week, North Carolina Firewood Outreach, How to dispose of your Christmas Tree, Great Smoky Mountain National Park firewood regulation



Regrettably, while FOCI newsletters were issued prior to April of 2013, they were not maintained at permanent links and are no longer available.


* Subscribers vary every month- this number is accurate as of April 2015


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