Nothing wrong with burning wood

(Editor's note: this blog was written in December 2008)

The recent cold weather, plus the ice storm in the New England area, got me thinking about wood heat.

There is nothing wrong with burning firewood, or giving fallen limbs after an ice storm to your next door neighbor for them to burn. I worry sometimes people might get the wrong impression about firewood from this website- we are not against firewood! We are against moving firewood!

To illustrate this, I think a short recent quote from an article in the Telegram Gazette, a newspaper out of Worcester MA, is great.

Homeowners in the ALB regulated area that would prefer to burn fallen woody debris in their homes may certainly do so. However, the downed limbs and branches should not be transported out of the regulated area by individuals for use at other locations.

That's all. It isn't that you shouldn't burn it. Just that you should burn it where you found it, cut it, cleaned it up, or grew it!