Halloween bug mask collection

Viewed up close, the world of invasive insects is pretty amazing. Suddenly you see antennae that resemble golden cacti– or exuberant fluffy feathers. Mouths used for chewing leaves and trees turn out to have odd mustaches or scary brutal chompers. Perfect for Halloween!

(left to right: spongy moth, goldspotted oak borer, Asian longhorned beetle, walnut twig beetle, and emerald ash borer)

Don’t Move Firewood would like to introduce our new collection of ready-to-print invasive insect masks. Each mask comes with brief instructions and can be made using just string and crayons, or more ambitious mask artists can use (depending on the insect) suggestions of glitter, feathers, and yarn embellishments.




These free masks are great for working with student groups, cub scouts, or anyone young at heart. We’re introducing them for Halloween for fun, but they are appropriate for any firewood and invasive forest insect outreach all year round.


To help you select a mask that applies well to the trees and issues where you live and work, below we’ve suggested just two each for of the USA’s and Canada’s basic regions. However, these are just suggestions, so feel free to look at all five insects if you’d like. Enjoy!

Northeastern USA, Mid Atlantic USA, and Eastern Canada


Great Lakes USA and Central Canada


Midwestern USA and Great Plains USA


Interior Western USA


Southwestern USA


Pacific Northwestern USA and Western Canada


Southeastern US

2013 Firewood Education and Regulation roundup

Congratulations to ourselves! Don't Move Firewood just finished its annual roundup of state based firewood regulations and educational campaigns, and wow, that file is a doozy. You can download the excel spreadsheet here, or if you want a PDF (warning! many of the links do not work on the pdf version- but it does print out nicely) you can certainly download that here.


If you are just interested in looking up a specific state, please visit our State-by-State map page and select the state you are looking for. We have updated all 50 states and Canada, accurate as of October 3rd 2013.