Firewood Finder

Wondering where to buy firewood, and how to find the best priced firewood dealers?

The first thing you should do is understand your local rules and laws about firewood, by visiting our Firewood Map.

Twelve states now list their firewood dealers on Firewood Scout, a website with an easily searchable map. Firewood Scout site is great for if you are traveling to a new area on their map, and need to find the nearest place to your campground or cabin that is selling firewood. Additionally, in Colorado, you can look up local firewood suppliers on the Colorado Forest Products Database. Lastly, the new (launched in late 2021) crowdsourced firewood finding site may have vendors near your destination.

For buying bundled firewood, make sure that your firewood seller is cutting and selling local firewood, or if available, certified heat treated firewood.

To protect your favorite places from non-native insects and diseases that might hitchhike on the firewood you want to burn, if you are buying unlabeled or bulk firewood, ask the firewood seller where the wood was cut. Ideally, your firewood should be from local sources, or at least in the same county. More broadly, if your firewood dealer is getting wood from up to 50 miles away, that is usually still considered “OK.” For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

In some places, especially in the Central and Eastern United States, you can buy firewood with a State Department of Agriculture, or USDA APHIS, seal certifying that your firewood has been certified as heat-treated to kill pests. Whenever you must buy firewood far from where you will be burning it, this is the best type of firewood to buy. Certified, heat-treated firewood is the only firewood that is safe to transport long distances. Note that firewood labeled as just “kiln-dried” is not the same as certified heat treated, and is not safe to move long distances. Learn more about the difference between kiln-dried and heat treated in our news.

The price of wood varies a lot, and you might wonder how to find the best firewood prices at your final destination. Call ahead to where you are going for a suggestion of a reasonably priced firewood dealer. By calling the campground host, park association, or local Forest Service office, you’ll save time, money, and help protect trees when you buy firewood from a known local firewood dealer.

If you are selling firewood, and are wondering how to sell it safely, you should know it is best to sell it as close to where you cut it as possible.

A firewood dealer that is shipping wood long distances without heat treating the wood, or without a certificate of compliance, is risking the spread of insects and diseases on their wood. Instead, minimize the cost of transportation and the risk of spreading forest pests- sell firewood locally. Dealers that only sell locally cut firewood are protecting the trees in their area, which is good for everyone. Alternatively, for larger regional markets or in areas of significant pest concern, heat treating and selling state or federally certified is an important part of the firewood market.

And lastly, dry firewood is the best firewood to burn for your health. For excellent information on why making sure your firewood is very dry (whether seasoned under a covered area, heat-treated, or kiln-dried) is best for both human health, and the environment, please visit the US Environmental Protection Agency’s BurnWise site.