WEBINAR: Meet the Don’t Move Firewood Team

Check out a free FOCI webinar recording, Meet the Don’t Move Firewood Team. This October (a.k.a. Firewood Month!), we conducted three informal and interactive presentations on firewood outreach, resources, reporting, and opportunities for anyone who wants to better understand this work. We discussed our education and outreach efforts- what the campaign does, why it’s important, how you can access our many resources, and what we’ve got to offer both the everyday firewood user as well as professionals in the field of forest health.

We recorded two out of the the three webinars-  one on October 13th 2022 and another on October 27th.

  • The first (10/13/2022) recorded presentation is available here: https://youtu.be/_EgdTAmWlHE
  • The second (10/27/2022) recorded presentation can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2brwSsooEYo.
  • View the PowerPoint slides for the 10/13 or 10/27 Meet Don’t Move Firewood presentation.
  • Access the Firewood Comparison Report as well as the press release for the Solano et al (2022) publication “Strategies identified for successful outreach to reduce the spread of forest pests on firewood.” Both of these documents were discussed during the live presentations on 10/13/2022 and 10/27/2022.

campfire in a fire pan with don't move firewood logo