New website and new resources!

We are very excited to welcome everyone to the newly renovated Don’t Move Firewood website. While we are still working out a couple finer details, please do take a look around and acquaint yourself with our new navigation and features!

Highlights of our new site include:

  • The new site will work equally well on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Readable, clickable, loadable!
  • Bright and engaging 2017 outreach designs are just getting started. See the first two, our basic poster and basic brochure, here!
  • Our new Resource Library is cleaned up, easily searched, and easily sorted. We’re adding new materials every day.
  • All states and provinces are now defined on our Firewood Map. We are working with several Canadian agencies to create each specific province summaries, just like we’ve done for the 50 US states. Stay tuned!

Webinar: Eleven Years of Firewood Behavior Change Research on March 2

Join us for a FOCI webinar, Eleven Years of Firewood Behavior Change Research: what is working, and where should we go from here? on March 2nd at 3pm Eastern. This webinar will focus on the elements of firewood use related behavior changes that we have been able to quantify via The Nature Conservancy’s public polling data from 2005 to 2016 .

This webinar is being offered in coordination with National Invasive Species Awareness Week. Many thanks to Chuck Bargeron and the Bugwood Team for coordinating this shared educational opportunity!

This webinar is now completed!