Going camping? Choosing a campsite or campground?

Or picking a place to park your camper? It’s the perfect vacation getaway. Pulling up to a beautiful campsite, enjoying nature, the woods or forest, in a state or national park. And you might be thinking about bringing firewood along from home. But don’t! Bringing firewood from home to the place you’re camping could put your favorite campsite or park in danger.

When you bring firewood camping, you risk carrying a tree killing insect or disease.

The bugs can crawl out, spread to the trees and forest at the campground or state or national park, and begin to destroy those trees and forests. That means less fun for future campers. We’re careful to extinguish campfires, pick up after ourselves in campgrounds, state parks and national parks, so we should be conscientious campers when it comes to moving firewood as well.

What can you do to stop the spread of invasive pests on firewood?

  • Never take firewood with you- always buy it near where you will burn it.
  • Tell your friends not to move firewood.
  • Firewood you buy should be from only a few miles away, or at least in the same county.
  • Learn more about firewood rules and regulations in your area by visiting our Firewood Map