Using our Don’t Move Firewood logo

Dear Don’t Move Firewood,

May I use your link as an image to post on our city website for (site)?  I could just use the hyperlink, but I like the bold image as folks may be more inclined to hit on that.  I wanted to gain your permission first.  Thank you.

Yours, Thoughtful Educator

Dear Thoughtful Educator,

Yes! Any local, city, state, or federal governmental agency is welcome to use our logo to help get the attention of the public to the issue of moving firewood. Additionally, any non-profit or educational group can use our logo to promote the concept of not moving firewood on their website, handouts, and other promotional products.

When it comes to scenarios of for-profit (business) use of our logo, that’s a little trickier. A business can use our logo ONLY in the context of an educational material, and the use of the logo can in no way be made to look like a seal of approval, certification seal, or any other false use to promote a business or product. Only purely informational and educational use is permitted by businesses. Failure to comply with this requirement is a violation of both our trust, and multiple governmental regulations on our non-profit status, and is not permitted.

For a complete listing of our logos, please visit our Toolbox.