Welcome to our Firewood Outreach Toolbox, where you can find our Quick Reference list of customize-ready outreach materials, targeted groups outreach list, videos, and logo use instructions. If you are a professional in the field of forest pest outreach, we suggest you also visit our For Professionals page.

Quick Reference List:

Targeted Groups Outreach Items 

  • Youth Outreach materials are curated on our FOR KIDS page
  • Professional Outreach and Reference documents are on our FOR PROFESSIONALS page
  • Landscaper, Arborist, or Tree Care Client Outreach Materials
  • Other targeted outreach groups items, such as birdwatcher handouts, christmas tree buyer education, and more are all found on the For Professionals page.

Educational and Promotional Videos

 Logos and Slogans

  • Use of our logos is permitted for most non-profit and educational efforts. Use of our logos is prohibited by for-profit entities without prior written approval of appropriate educational content and non-endorsement placement.
  • Email us via the Contact Us form to request logos. Please include the following in your request:
    • One sentence on the intended use of the logo(s), i.e. “Will be on a poster displayed at our state park entrance firewood kiosk.”
    • Which of these you need: Don’t Move Firewood, Buy It Where You Burn It, No Mueva La Leña, or Compre la Leña Donde Se Va a Usar, or another graphic or logo not specified in this list.
    • What file type(s) you prefer, if known
    • Anything else you think will help us send the right file on the first try!