Two new features in the Gallery of Pests

Don’t Move Firewood, in cooperation with Faith Campbell of the Center for Invasive Species Prevention, maintains the Gallery of Pests*. The Gallery of Pests is an extremely thorough look into the history, biology, and systems surrounding invasive pests that affect trees and tree-like perennial plants (such as columnar cacti) native and urban forest, desert, island, and rangeland systems in North America, Hawai’i, and the Caribbean. The Gallery is a unique resource in that its contents are thoroughly vetted and cited- and we are excited to reveal two new features to the Gallery.

The first feature is the new list of reputable web resources that has been added to the bottom of the more well-known and researched pests. For instance, the Asian longhorned beetle Gallery of Pests page includes the public eradication program’s website, the USDA APHIS programmatic website, the USFS website, Canada’s CFIA website, and several online outreach options. This list is not exhaustive, but rather it is selected for the most helpful, accurate, and informative resources.

The second new feature is that we have now clearly indicated all Gallery of Pests species that are either extremely unlikely, or completely unable, to be transported via the firewood vector. This include pests as varied as cactus moth, hemlock wooly adelgid, and spruce aphid. This additional information, found at the top of any Gallery of Pests entry for a species that qualifies as not transported on firewood, has been added to prevent confusion by readers of the Gallery.

Thanks for reading, and we hope this information is useful to all users of the Don’t Move Firewood website!

*the Gallery of Pests was renamed the Invasive Species Listing in 2017