Webinar: Introduction to Firewood Scout on August 14

Join us for a FOCI webinar, Introduction to Firewood Scout, on August 14th at noon Eastern. This webinar will focus on Firewood Scout – a website designed to help the public find local firewood, and here at Don’t Move Firewood we are working with the folks at the Southeast Michigan Resource Conservation and Development Council and the Tennessee Chapter of The Nature Conservancy’s Forest Conservation program to promote this resource and encourage new states to sign up. Currently the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, California, and Tennesse are listed- and more states are wanted!

If you are a state agency employee, federal agency employee, or non-profit professional that wishes to learn more about how your state might join the Firewood Scout effort, we’re holding a webinar on August 14th at noon Eastern just for you! The webinar will cover what Firewood Scout is, how it works (in brief non-technical terms), how the membership model works, how much it might roughly cost to participate, and how states can join. Please note while this webinar is certainly open to the public, it will be tailored to professionals in the field- not to general interest.

This webinar is now completed:


Thanks for your interest!

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