Ohio’s Firewood for Home Heating Infographic

We are excited to release a new version of our Home Heating Infographic- the Ohio version! Made for people in Ohio that heat their home or cabin with wood, this infographic details how firewood is an inexpensive and efficient way to get through the cold months for many Ohioans. Here at Don't Move Firewood, we support the use of firewood when properly sourced (locally harvested, or heat treated, and always understand and comply with any pest related quarantines or restrictions). 


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We could not have made such an informative resource without the information from these excellent sources (listed by roughly three rows of content):

Top left to right:

Middle left to right:

  • The Nature Conservancy, 2010. A Survey of Pests, Pathogens, and the Public. For complete information on this survey, contact Leigh Greenwood at LGreenwood at TNC.org.
  • Diss-Torrance, A, Peterson, K, Robinson, C. 2015 Changing movement of firewood by campers: an eight year study of effect of regulation and education, in prep. Access a recent webinar covering this research on the Don't Move Firewood blog or email Andrea Diss-Torrance, Invasive Forest Insects Program Coordinator for the State of Wisconsin, for more information.

Bottom left to right:


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