Halloween Invasive Insect Bug Masks for 2014!

Due to overwhelming popular demand, we are releasing our pre-colored-in Halloween Invasive Species Bug Mask Collection! These masks are colored in simple bright colors according to the actual true look of the insect, melding biologically accurate information with a fun and cartoon-like appearance. They are perfect for your invasive species lesson plan, ecological role playing, and more- whether for Halloween, Earth Day, or any other day!


gypsy moth maskgoldspotted oak borer maskasian longhorned beetle maskwalnut twig beetle maskemerald ash borer mask

(left to right: spongy moth, goldspotted oak borer, Asian longhorned beetle, walnut twig beetle, and emerald ash borer)

Click on any image to take you to that file; choose either a pre-colored invasive insect mask, its corresponding line-drawn bug mask, or download both masks for a given species for whatever uses you might have. Please note that the spongy moth mask comes in male and female moth forms (2 pages, only male moth is shown in the image preview) and the Asian longhorned beetle mask comes with a separate page to print the long antennae.


To help you select a mask that applies well to the trees and issues where you live and work, below we’ve suggested just two each for of the USA’s and Canada’s basic regions. However, these are just suggestions, so feel free to use any and all insects if you’d like. Enjoy!


Northeastern USA, Mid Atlantic USA, and Eastern Canada


Great Lakes USA and Central Canada


Midwestern USA and Great Plains USA


Interior Western USA


Southwestern USA


Pacific Northwestern USA and Western Canada


Southeastern US