Free downloads for National Moth Week

Did you know that some invasive moths can travel to new places, and infest new forests and trees, on contaminated firewood? In 2020, National Moth Week will be July 18 to 26 and here at Don’t Move Firewood we are providing all our free moth-related materials and downloads to anyone that would like to learn more about how to identify or prevent the movement of invasive moths.

The two invasive forest pests that fit with National Moth Week are winter moth and gypsy moth. Winter moth is a pest that could be spread in the egg stage via firewood. This pest is generally uncommon outside of New England and Nova Scotia. You can learn more about winter moth on the UMass Extension Program winter moth site.

Far more common than winter moth are the European gypsy moth and Asian gypsy moth. Gypsy moths will lay their eggs on firewood as well as live trees, and any sort of solid outdoor objects (for instance, flower pots and lawn furniture can also become infested with egg masses). To the casual observer, European and Asian gypsy moth are identical- the only clear difference is that the Asian gypsy moth females can fly, where the European gypsy moth females are flightless.

Here are our favorite resources for gypsy moth- enjoy!

gypsy moth mask Bug masks of both male and female gypsy moths (Colored In or Line Drawn, thumbnails shown are for male moth- both sexes are included in the download) produced by Don’t Move Firewood
Templates for making your own gypsy moth caterpillar fake tattoo or gypsy moth female adult fake tattoos, produced by Don’t Move Firewood
Identification video for gypsy moth, produced by our partners at Outsmart Invasives and Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities
Educational website on gypsy moth, produced by our partners at  USDA APHIS
Plant Heroes Gypsy Moth Activity Books, produced by our partners at  Plant Heroes, a program of the American Public Gardens Association