First Farmer’s Market with the DMF interns

Quiet morning at the Ashfield Farmers Market

by Annalena Barrett


After Clearwater and Solid Sound, Julia and I could hardly believe our eyes when we rolled up to the Ashfield Farmers Market last Saturday. About six tents had been set up with a few more on their way. No one seemed rushed or stressed, just happy to be outside on a sunny morning.


People started milling around the market around 9:30am, taking their time and chatting with friends. It was so much more low-key than what we were used to, it honestly took some adjusting. Instead of shouting into throngs of humanity, we got to stand by our table as people meandered up to see what we were working on. It wasn’t long before a group of kids were kicking around one of our beach balls and sporting awesome invasive beetle tattoos.

For the most part, people seemed more interested in learning about our cause than picking up some freebees. This made for a very pleasant morning, and by the time the market wound down, it really felt like we have engaged in some challenging and worth while conversations.