Firewood related non-profits

Firewood is an interesting topic that touches a lot of different types of people, industries, and ideas. Here’s a quick round up of non profits that work directly on firewood related issues, in alphabetical order:

  • Alliance for Green Heat “promotes high-efficiency wood combustion as a low-carbon, sustainable, local and affordable heating solution.” from their About Us
  • American Firewood Producers and Distributors Association “developed to create a national standard and certification program for the production and manufacturing of firewood.” from their About Us
  • Don’t Move Firewood! That’s us. We educate the public about the need to use local firewood or certified heat treated firewood to prevent the spread of forest pests. You can learn more about who runs Don’t Move Firewood at our About Us page.
  • National Firewood Association “dedicated to serving the interests of the firewood industry, consumers of firewood, and the environment alike.” from their front page, learn more on their Mission page.
  • “a nonprofit, nongovernmental agency dedicated to the responsible use of wood as a home heating fuel.” from their front page, learn more on their More About page. (Ed. note: this organization is incorporated as a non-profit in Canada, but provides ample information on both USA and Canadian interests.)

If you believe we’ve missed an important non-profit, please email us at info at to help us make this blog more informative.

In addition to these five non-profits, there are a host of governmental agencies in both the USA and Canada that work on firewood issues. We’ll cover those another day!