Changing of Lymantria dispar name

The Don’t Move Firewood outreach and education materials have included Lymantria dispar (formerly, gypsy moth) as a pest commonly moved via the firewood pathway since the campaign was launched in 2008. With the summer 2021 announcement of the removal of the old common name from the approved common names list held by the Entomological Society of America (ESA), we acknowledge that all our materials covering this species must be changed. Our outreach staff is working closely with the ESA to select and rapidly roll out a new and better common name. The ESA is currently estimating that a new name will be approved in January 2022, and therefore, the Don’t Move Firewood campaign is creating a name change plan to update all materials at that time.

We regret that this does leave the previous offensive name in place for additional several months- as a public outreach campaign, this is a difficult situation and it is an imperfect solution to plan to wait. Our decision to replace all relevant DMF materials comprehensively in January 2022 was made to minimize public confusion with this historical change.

For more information on this process, please visit the ESA’s Better Common Names Project page.