Where do I even ask this question?

50 states, thousands of counties, quarantines, regulations, violations, oh my! Who do you ask when you have a question that is really specific to your situation?


Dear Don't Move Firewood,

sun july 2nd from wind had HICKORY tree blow down, what is safe distance to move it live in lawrenceburg ky, would like to sell to B-B-Q place or like may cracker barrel want to make sure it ok.




Dear Bob,

Glad you asked. The first thing I would do is just ask some local knowledgeable authorities. Sometimes that's a division of forestry, county extension, or the state department of agriculture offices. In your case, I think asking a county extension officer is going to be an easy and quick method of figuring out if there is anything worrisome (or illegal) about moving this dead hickory tree. The University of Kentucky has a great map to help you find who to call that you can use here https://www.ca.uky.edu/county/ . One question you should certainly ask is if the movement of hardwood firewood is permissable in your county. In some counties of Kentucky, all hardwood firewood is under quarantine, so that's a big concern.


Good luck!