Where can I donate firewood?

It is that time of year again, when people are taking down dead trees as part of summer property maintenance and then they ask us…

Dear Don’t Move Firewood,

Is there a place I can donate my wood in the Rockford, Ilinois area? / Is there anyone in the San Francisco, CA area that takes firewood donations? / I live in Fort Washington MD and I have firewood I want to donate. Where can I go?


Three Well Meaning Firewood Owners

Dear TWMFOs,

Every single town and area is different, so it is best to “let your fingers do the walking” as the old phone book ads used to say. Once you’ve positively confirmed that moving firewood in your area is legal in the first place using our Firewood Regulations Summary Map, I suggest the following:

  • Call up local food banks and ask if they take firewood donations
  • Call local churches or other types of aid organizations and ask if they take firewood donations
  • Use internet searches for the word “wood bank” and the names of towns in your immediate vicinity (i.e. Springfield Wood Bank, etc) to see if there is any mention of a wood bank anywhere near you.

Thanks for having good intentions with that extra firewood!

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