Webinar: Treating Firewood is a Hot Topic, on February 25th

Join us for the 1st edition of the 2016 FOCI webinar series, “Treating Firewood is a Hot Topic: seasoning, solarizing, kiln drying, and heat treatment” on February 25th, 2016 at 1pm Eastern. We will be discussing the various effective (and potentially ineffective) ways that firewood is treated in order to prevent the spread of forest pests. This webinar is held in coordination with NISAW 2016. We will bring in several experts to talk about their knowledge area within the realm of treating firewood, including:

  • Denise Haffner, USDA APHIS PPQ
  • Katy Longen, Minnesota Dept of Agriculture
  • Tyson Emery, Florida Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • Tom Coleman, US Forest Service

UPDATE: Thank you to the 75 attendees of the webinar for excellent questions and your attention. You can now view the webinar recording on YouTube – click here: Treating Firewood is a Hot Topic.