WEBINAR: Firewood Month 2023 – Meet the Don’t Move Firewood Team!

October is Firewood Month and we’re back with 2 call options for Meet the Don’t Move Firewood Team Webinars!

These webinars took place in October 2023 during Firewood Month. We discussed the education and outreach efforts of the Don’t Move Firewood campaign including an overview of what the campaign does, why it’s important, how you can access our many resources, and what we’ve got to offer both the everyday firewood user as well as professionals in the field of forest health. And because we’ve had increased interest since the publication of our  Firewood Regulations, Certifications, and Outreach Comparison Report, we discussed how our findings can help forest health professionals improve education and outreach in their states to reduce the spread of forest pests via the firewood pathway. There were two call options in October to accommodate different time zones and schedules.

Tell your colleagues, tell your friends – let’s talk firewood!

Click Here for the recording of Call Option 1 that took place on October 12 at 2pm EST

Click Here for recording of Call Option 2 that took place on October 18 at 10am EST