Thinking Spring!

Here are Don't Move Firewood, we are gearing up for the annual spring rush of website traffic from the millions of people that will be planning their spring and summer vacations. Here's what we are up to:


  • We've been subtly changing our front page messaging to work with some new research out of the Southern States Wildland Urban Interface project. This helps people find the information they really want- faster!
  • The 100 words project is in full swing, with a dozen state summaries now approved by our in-state colleagues. If we haven't gotten to your state yet, we will soon.
  • Our resident pest expert, Faith Campbell, has been busy updating the pest information over at the Gallery of Pests. This large resource of pest information is outstanding for anyone seeking in depth histories and details on invasive forest pests.
  • Coming soon: our State-by-State map is going to get easier to use (one fewer click for visitors!). This sounds like a minor change but it should greatly improve useability for our visitors from certain types of smartphones, and those on older browsers and computers.