Planning an epic road trip!

Dear Don’t Move Firewood-

I’m getting ready for a big roadtrip- heading to Yellowstone, the Tetons, and then down into Utah for Zion, Arches- maybe even Escalante. Can I buy all my firewood in (hometown) Idaho, and then just use it as I go?

Signed, Excited Roadtripper!

Dear Roadtripper,

Sounds like an awesome trip, and I hope you have a great time. In the big Western states of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Utah, the state and federal groups generally advise using firewood from the same region as where you are burning it. For instance, when camping in Southern Utah, you should be burning firewood you got in central or southern Utah. But it isn’t advisable to be bringing firewood all the way from, say, northern Wyoming down to southern Utah. There are many forest pests- both native and non-native – that you could be accidentally transporting to a new area.

You might have noticed that some of your camping reservation slips have a warning message like this: “Some federal agencies have imposed quarantines on transporting firewood. Please check with your camping destination about firewood restrictions. Visit for more information.”

If so, the best suggestion is for you to go to our map at and check if the destination state lists regulations that might apply to your camping stay. If no regulations appear to apply, the recommendation is simple- buy firewood near where you’ll burn it, use it all before you leave your campsite, and don’t take it from park to park to park! Thanks for asking, and have an excellent roadtrip.

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