Oak firewood from Missouri to Colorado?

Dear Don’t Move Firewood,

I am wondering about moving oak firewood from Missouri to Colorado.  If it is legal do we need a permit or something to go across different states?  If you could please let me know I would appreciate it.

Thank you, Two Missourians

Dear Two Missourians,

Thanks for asking about firewood. It is illegal to remove any hardwood firewood from the state of Missouri due to the presence of both state laws and the federal emerald ash borer quarantine, with a very specific exception for hardwood firewood that has been heat treated and packaged at a federally certified commercial kiln facility. My guess is that you are asking about private firewood- so the answer is definitely that you cannot legally move oak firewood from Missouri to Colorado. There is no permit that would make bringing untreated (regular, not commercially heat treated) oak firewood from Missouri to Colorado OK.

Good luck with your trip, and please purchase firewood when you get near your final destination in Colorado!

Here are some good resources: