Now booking for events in late October!

Did you know our awesome Asian longhorned beetle costume is on tour? That's right, every year we lend our costume out to at least a dozen (often more) non-profits and state agencies when we don't need it. The costume lending season is from Labor Day through Memorial Day- essentially, the school year. Our costumes go to baseball games, parades, state fairs, TEDx talks, Landscaper conventions… you name it.


Here's how it works

  • You email us at
  • Include the event dates, event name, the anticipated attendance, and where we can send you a rather large box
  • You commit to sending it back to us, or to the next user, on your budget and PROMPTLY
  • We send you a confirmation if it will be available, and then… you get to borrow it!
  • You send us at least two or three high quality photos of you using the costume at your event


In September and October our ALB costume is going to events in Vermont, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Massachusetts. We are now booking for the weekend of October 19th and onwards. Send us a note if you want to borrow it!


Please note that right now we do not have an Emerald ash borer costume. We are working to remedy that problem ASAP. Thanks for your understanding!