New signs in Massachusetts say Stop Invasive Pests, Keep Firewood Local

If you’ve been driving through Massachusetts lately, you may have seen electronic signs on the highway saying “Stop Invasive Pests. Keep Firewood Local.” Are you wondering what is up? Well, we’re here to help. When you keep firewood local, you are helping prevent the spread of unwanted invasive pests that can hitchhike on contaminated firewood. Pests like the Asian longhorned beetle, emerald ash borer, and spongy moth kill your trees and cause serious damage to natural forests and landscapes.

Don’t Move Firewood is a campaign to spread the word about this problem. We’re excited about the Massachusetts highways signs, and hope that you’ve come to our site because you saw one. To learn more about the firewood issue, please cruise this website. If you want to help us educate your friends and family, please friend us on facebook at

Thanks for visiting, and drive safe!