Firewood with BEETLES coming out of it!

Dear Don't Move Firewood,

I bought firewood from a grocery store in the Seattle area and when I cut it to make some kindling BEETLES came out of it! What should I do to let someone know? The wood came from (a distributor out of state) and they should be ashamed of themselves for selling infested wood!!!


Concerned Kindling Cutter

Dear Kindling Cutter,

I agree that is disturbing, and that you should report it. I suggest looking up the Washington Department of Agriculture, Plant Protection Division, and calling them to ask for help. Most states have a Plant Protection staff person within their Department of Agriculture that is able to assist on these things. In your case the the contact list for the Washington Department of Agriculture is online here– I suggest trying the "PLANT PROTECTION General Information" number as your starting point.

If that doesn't work, you can also call the USDA APHIS State Plant Health Director's office for your state if you are having trouble with reaching someone at the local Department of Agriculture. Thank you for your attention to firewood safety!