Webinar: Resources for Jumpstarting Outreach on Invasive Species, February 22

Join us for a FOCI webinar, Resources for Jumpstarting Outreach on Invasive Species, on Thursday, February 22 2018 at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific, 9 Mountain, 10 Central). This webinar is being held in coordination with the Emerald Ash Borer University Program, EABU, which is managed by the great folks over at We’ll be talking about the various […]

Firewood for those in need

Dear Don’t Move Firewood, There is a woman in my town in Maine that is disabled and in need of some firewood. I’m trying to help her out, but don’t know where to start. Can you help? Sincerely, Trying to Help Dear Trying to Help, I’m so glad to see you are  working to help […]

From here to there in New Mexico

Dear Don’t Move Firewood Can I bring firewood from Albuquerque New Mexico to the Red River area in New Mexico? Yours, Shannon in the Land of Enchantment Dear Shannon, It is legal to bring firewood from Albuquerque to Red River in New Mexico, however, that is well over the suggested distance limit of 50 miles […]

Selling firewood in Tennessee

We love getting questions from you, our readers, on your firewood issues! Dear Don’t Move Firewood, My husband sells firewood to the people that camp at (US Army Corps administered campground in Tennessee). We are a mile from the camp grounds and get all our wood locally. We season it for 2 years in the […]

Disposing of termite infested firewood

Time for a new installment in our occasional advice column series, Dear Don’t Move Firewood, this time from a homeowner in California! Dear Don’t Move Firewood, We live in (city removed) near San Diego and discovered today that we have drywood termites living in our firewood, both inside and outside our home. The wood has […]

Firewood from Ohio to Maine

The Dear Don’t Move Firewood advice column is back, with real questions from real people (often slightly edited to ensure they are anonymous). Dear Don’t Move Firewood, I’m going camping in another state which is Maine. I’m from Ohio. Can I take wood for camp fires from my own wood pile? Yours, Bruce from Ohio […]