Burning Poles as an Idea

Dear Don’t Move Firewood, Can we burn scrap utility power poles in campgrounds? Of course, these would be nail/screws/plate free, just wood. Sincerely,  Scrappy Idea Dear Scrappy Idea, Wood utility poles are nearly always heavily treated with one or several preservative chemicals to prevent rot and insect infestation. The chemicals that are most common in […]

Burning a fallen ash tree

Dear Don’t Move Firewood, Our ash tree fell in a storm. We know about not using it for firewood or transporting it, but what can we do? It is a 20 year old tree that was 20 foot tall. Thanks. Yours, Hopeful Tree Reuser Dear Hopeful Tree Reuser, You are welcome to use your ash […]

Free Downloads for Tree Check Month 2018

August is Tree Check Month! Everyone is encouraged to take 10 minutes to check their trees for signs of the Asian longhorned beetle. To help you learn about the beetle, or to provide materials for your outreach needs, we’ve rounded up all the best free resources that we could find! This list will be updated […]

Rules for moving firewood within Florida

Dear Don’t Move Firewood, Can firewood be transported inside the state of Florida for approximately 450 miles? Sincerely,  Floridian Dear Floridian, Within the state of Florida, multiple state authorities highly encourage that everyone uses local sources of firewood- and local is define as cut/harvested within 50 miles of where it will be used. This recommendation […]

Bringing Firewood into Mount Rainier National Park?

Dear Don’t Move Firewood Can we bring our own firewood to Cougar Rock campground in Mount Rainier National Park? Thanks. Sincerely, Upcoming Washington Camper Dear Upcoming Washington Camper, Yes, it looks like Cougar Rock Campground in Mount Rainier National Park allows you to bring your own firewood- but they highly recommend it was gathered or […]

Processed log firewood to Kings Canyon?

Dear Don’t Move Firewood, I’m bringing my son to Kings Canyon National Park to camp pretty soon. I’m trying to figure if the (brand removed “fake” firewood) logs are OK for us to bring. I understand your policy doesn’t permit you to endorse products but I’m not asking for that. I’m just trying to make sure […]

Scrap lumber for firewood in the West

Dear Don’t Move Firewood, What about scrap lumber, 2x4s and such? Since the original lumber is moved around the country before I buy it at the lumber yard, it doesn’t seem that restricting its movement could have any impact on the pest problem. Can I safely carry around a box of 2×4 scraps to use […]

From Texas to New Mexico

Dear Don’t Move Firewood, Could you please provide information on buying wood in NM? I’m traveling from Texas to a campground in New Mexico, and if I get pulled over by police, how are they going to know the wood we have attached to our RV was purchased in NM and is legal? Are there […]

Moving from California to Montana

Dear Don’t Move Firewood, We are moving from California to Montana, and I was curious if I could take the oak firewood with us. Just wanted to check. Thanks! Sincerely,  Moving to Montana Soon Dear Moving to Montana Soon, There are many invasive insects and diseases that live in oaks in California that could infest […]