Billboards in Idaho and Montana this summer

Driving through the two big intermountain states of Idaho and Montana this summer will bring you past a whole bunch of Don’t Move Firewood billboards! With locations at nearly all incoming interstates for Idaho, and several locations near Yellowstone in Montana, the total coverage from these billboards will be a minimum of 2.7 million viewers during the summer months, with the possibility of many more viewers if funds permit extensions on the billboard rentals. Here at Don’t Move Firewood, we are thrilled to participate in partnerships like this- many thanks to Idaho Department of Lands, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Forestry Division, and the United States Forest Service for their excellent work!

Here’s the design chosen by Idaho:

And here is the design chosen by Montana:

And here’s what the Montana design looked like in person at one of the locations!

We also made billboard in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio in 2014. Read about those efforts, and see their design, here.