Attract more attention with Forest Pest Fly Tying

Guest blog authored by Bob Wiltshire, Executive Director, Invasive Species Action Network

Are you looking for a great way to stimulate discussion about forest pests? The Forest Pest Fly Tying Project may be the program you need! If you’re not familiar with fly tying you probably don’t realize the amazing things a talented fly tier can do with a hook, some thread and a bit of feather and foam. The fly tiers in this program tie Asian longhorned beetle flies that are amazingly realistic – enough so you and your staff can use them to teach the public how to identify ALB.

While the fly tiers are not experts on the insects themselves, they can make a huge difference in attracting quality attention to your outreach booth. Forest pest experts across the country have found that adding a fly tier to a booth at a garden or sporting show, county fair or other event results in more people joining the discussion about forest pests and the Don’t Move Firewood campaign.

Right now the program is working with Arbor Day events. Depending on the dates and region, we may be able to supply a fly tier in your area for your upcoming summer or fall events. For more information visit: the Forest Pest Fly Tying Project or contact Bob Wiltshire at