All the right questions

I'm not sure how this ended up in my inbox, but I'm so glad they asked…


Dear Don't Move Firewood,

If we can't bring firewood can we purchase firewood there at the camp site and how much do we get at what price? i have reserved a place for a week and i need to know what it will take to have a fun and enjoyable birthday weekend camping and fishing.




Dear Lewis,

These are great questions! I want to highlight how smart you are- you obviously saw that you can't bring firewood to the campsite where you registered, so you are planning ahead. That's awesome. This is EXACTLY what everyone should do, with one exception, in that you accidentally emailed the wrong person. But I'm not trying to poke fun, I swear. Everyone makes mistakes. Good luck, and thanks!


Note to blog readers; we are emailing Lewis today personally to let him know of his error so he can contact his actual campsite.