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01/09/2013 3:41 PM
Posted by: L. Greenwood

We have a list of Frequently Asked Questions that addresses the perennial "how far is too far?" and a few other questions. But what about the other things people ask? Let's try to read your mind...


Why didn't I hear about this 20 years ago? Seriously, is this a new problem, or what?

You can easily argue that accidentally moving pests on contaminated firewood has been a problem pretty much since the invention of the automobile. The first problematic invasive forest pests on record arrived in North America in the late 1800's, and some of them (like gypsy moth) move easily on firewood. However, the issue has only gained national traction since scientists and land managers reached a good understanding of the huge role that firewood has played in the spread of emerald ash borer (EAB). EAB was discovered in the USA in 2002, so in that regard the problem is indeed new to the public eye.


Who runs this website?

The Nature Conservancy is the manager of the international Don't Move Firewood campaign, and operates this website on a day-to-day basis. We also have a lot of partner organizations that help us craft our overall strategies and messages on the website from time to time.


How is this all funded?

Don't Move Firewood has a wide variety of funding groups, with the current largest being funds from USDA-APHIS. We are proud to list all our funding sources here.


I see that most of your blogs are written by L. Greenwood. Is that the same L. Greenwood as this?

Nope. Totally different L. Greenwood.


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