Firewood Month Toolkit

The Don’t Move Firewood, Hungry Pests, and PlayCleanGo campaigns are excited to co-facilitate Firewood Month in October!


The goal of Firewood Month is to reduce firewood movement so as to slow the spread of forest pests and diseases via the firewood pathway. We focus each week of October on a specific theme, as follows for 2023:

  • Week 1 (Oct 1-7): General information, disseminating ideas, promoting press releases describing the issues of firewood and the spread of forest pests.
  • Week 2 (Oct 8-14): General information, or target to fall recreationalists- especially the demographics of hunters, anglers, and RV owners. In 2022, this week also overlaps with Fire Prevention Week, so cross-promoting with general fire safety tips is desirable.
  • Week 3 (Oct 15-21): General information, or focus on firewood’s important role as a forest product during National Forest Products Week in the USA.
  • Week 4 (Oct 22-31): General information, or messages targeted to people that buy or gather firewood to heat their homes or cabins.


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