Firewood Month Toolkit

The Don’t Move Firewood and Hungry Pests campaigns are excited to co-facilitate Firewood Awareness Month in October!


The goal of Firewood Awareness Month is to raise public awareness about firewood movement as a forest pest and disease pathway. We focus each week of October on a specific theme, as follows for 2019:

  • Week 1: General information, disseminating ideas, promoting press releases describing the issues of firewood and the spread of forest pests.
  • Week 2: Messages targeted to fall recreationalists- especially the demographics of hunters, anglers, and RV owners.
  • Week 3: Messages targeted to people that buy or gather firewood to heat their homes or cabins.
  • Week 4: Firewood’s important role as a forest product during National Forest Products Week
  • Last days: General information and Halloween fun (don’t forget the Halloween bug masks!)


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