Firewood Month for Home and Cabin Heating

Everyone that heats their home or cabin with a woodstove can help slow the spread of invasive tree-killing pests by purchasing or harvesting firewood as locally as possible. When buying cords of wood, always work with a reputable dealer in compliance with any regional restrictions. Some newer or “under the radar” firewood operations may be unaware of quarantine and movement restrictions in place, resulting in the unintentional and illegal movement of tree-killing pests. Your firewood choices matter- either buy local firewood from a well-informed reputable dealer, or harvest your own firewood in compliance with local regulations.

When heating with wood, we recommend either of these good choices:

  • Buy firewood from a local and reputable dealer.
  • Harvest your own firewood in compliance with local regulations.

You can protect the trees in your backyard and neighborhood by making safer firewood choices.

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