October is Firewood Month Infographic

Below is a complete listing of file versions, credits, and small social media snippets to allow anyone to use the October is Firewood Month 2018 Infographic! To learn more about Firewood Month and the importance of making good firewood choices, please visit our Firewood Month Toolkit. This graphic is specially designed to be used during Week One, although anyone is welcome to use it year-round.


We could not have made such an informative resource without the information from these excellent sources:

Top Left to Right:

Miyazaki et al 2011. Preventative Medical Effects of Nature Therapy

The Nature Conservancy, 2010. A Survey of Pests, Pathogens, and the Public. For complete information on this survey, contact Leigh Greenwood at LGreenwood at TNC.org

Haack RA, Petrice TR, Wiedenhoeft AC, 2010 Incidence of bark- and wood-boring insects in firewood: a survey at Michigan’s Mackinac Bridge. Journal of Economic Entomology

The Nature Conservancy, 2010. (see above for details)

Middle Row:

The Nature Conservancy, 2010. (see above for details)

Bottom Left:

Don’t Move Firewood