Vermont prohibits the entry of out-of-state firewood. Only firewood that has been certified heat-treated to 71° C (160° F) for 75 minutes at an approved treatment facility is allowed in, and it must be labeled as such with the producer’s name and address. This is to protect the state’s natural and agricultural resources from the devastating effects of invasive tree pests that can spread to new areas when people travel with firewood. A prime example is the emerald ash borer which continues to spread to new areas in the state; to help slow the spread, do not move untreated firewood outside of areas infested with emerald ash borer.

Visitors of Vermont campgrounds are highly encouraged to purchase firewood on-site; those who arrive with untreated firewood to any state park will be asked to exchange their firewood for an equal-amount of park-supplied firewood. Vermont authorities strongly recommend that firewood originating in Vermont be burned within 25 miles of where it was harvested; anything over 50 miles is too risky.

Many nearby states (e.g., NY, NH, ME, CT) also have strict regulations on the movement of firewood into their states. Make sure you are in compliance with local firewood regulations before you take firewood out of Vermont. When in doubt, it is always best practice to buy firewood where you will burn it.

Bringing firewood from Canada into the USA is prohibited unless the firewood is labeled and certified heat-treated. Read about these requirements on the USDA and CBP firewood information sheet.

Bringing firewood from the USA into Canada is prohibited unless the firewood is labeled and certified heat-treated. Canada also encourages visitors to use local firewood.

This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 8 July 2024.

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