Maine’s Summary:

Emerald ash borer was confirmed in northern Maine in May 2018, in the town of Madawaska (across the river from the recent find in Edmundston, New Brunswick). It is against Maine’s regulations to bring out-of-state firewood into Maine. Nearly all types of firewood are prohibited via this regulation- hardwood, softwood, kiln-dried, seasoned, debarked, and green. Packaged heat treated firewood with a stamp showing heat treatment of at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit for 75 minutes is permitted. Additionally, authorities in the state of Maine advise that firewood from within Maine should not be moved more than 50 miles. Lastly, Acadia National Park camping regulations state that the park discourages bringing in any firewood with you. This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 8 January 2018.

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