Connecticut state regulations prohibit the movement of firewood into or within the state if it comes from an area under federal or state quarantine for a regulated forest pest; this is unless the firewood is properly labeled to indicate it underwent certified, heat-treatment sterilization, is accompanied with the required permit(s), and/or is otherwise in compliance with the relevant quarantine. Additionally, Connecticut (CT) enacted a statewide quarantine on spotted lanternfly which further restricts the movement of firewood into CT from areas with this pest.

The state’s regulations on the movement of firewood help prevent the introduction of invasive tree pests like spotted lanternfly and Asian lonhorned beetle which have the potential to devastate natural and agricultural resources in Connecticut and beyond. These non-native insects, and others of concern in CT (e.g., emerald ash borer), often infest new areas when people move firewood. As a result, authorities in Connecticut advise that you buy and use only local or certified, heat-treated firewood. If you do decide to move firewood in Connecticut, you must possess a self-issued firewood transportation certificate including the origin and destination of the wood.

Connecticut State Parks often prohibit the entry of out-of-state firewood. As an alternative, firewood can be either purchased at the camp stores within the park or at the local retail sellers; travelers may also bring certified, heat-treated firewood.

Many nearby states (e.g., ME, NH, NY, VT) prohibit the entry of firewood unless it has been certified heat-treated, so be sure to learn the firewood regulations in surrounding areas before transporting firewood out of Connecticut.

This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 17 August 2023. 

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