Hawai’i has strict regulations in place to contain the spread of invasive forest pests both already in the state as well as those that have the potential to cause irreversible damage should they be introduced. Many of harmful insects and diseases can infest new areas when people travel with firewood. As a result, the following laws restrict the movement of firewood to protect forest health in Hawai’i and elsewhere.

Within and out of Hawai’i:

From Other states into Hawai’i:

  • Many visitors to Hawai’i come from areas infested with pests like imported fire ant or spongy moth. It is illegal to bring firewood into Hawai’i from any areas quarantined for these or other invasive pests.
  • Hawai’i prohibits the importation of pine wood from the 20 states where the European pine shoot moth is known to occur without a certificate of approved heat-treatment.

This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 3 October 2023.

Hawai’i Web Resources:

Firewood Business Related Information:

Special Note to Firewood and Wood Product Businesses and Importers: USDA APHIS requires that all importers obtain a Timber and Timber Products Import Permit and treat all firewood and unprocessed wood products before importing into Hawai’i from a foreign country. In general, firewood from another State may be imported into Hawai’i under the notice, labeling, and inspection requirements of section 150A-5 of the Hawai’i Revised Statutes (“HRS”) unless the species is subject to a specific quarantine in Hawai’i. Also refer to the following documents for additional information.

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