Firewood Outreach Year

Planning ahead? We maintain this annual firewood related events listing, and are happy to share it so that you can plan for your upcoming year. Here you go:

January: While not a formal event, we suggest talking about proper disposal of used real Christmas trees in January- see our Holiday Greenery page for ideas.
February: National Invasive Species Awareness Week is usually the last full week of February, with some variation year to year. I in 2023, it is February 20-26.
March: International Day of Forests is March 21st each year.
April: Invasive Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month is each April; National Park Week is the third week of April; Earth Day is April 22nd each year; National Arbor Day is the last Friday in April (each of the states’ Arbor Days vary greatly, look them up on the Arbor Day dates listing.)
May: Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week is the week prior to Memorial Day Weekend each year, May 22nd to 28th for 2023.
June: PlayCleanGo Week is the first full week of June (June 3-10, 2023); National Trails Day is the first Saturday in June; National Get Outdoors Day is the second Saturday in June. 
July: National Moth Week is in late July each year.
August: Tree Check Month, which focuses mostly on checking for the signs of Asian longhorned beetle.
September: National Forest Week is the third week of September (this is a Canadian event, see October for USA event); National Public Lands Day is the last Saturday in September each year
October: Firewood Awareness Month is month long on the best ways to find or buy safer firewood; National Forest Products Week is the fourth week of October (this is a USA based event, see September for Canadian version)
November: Continental Dialogue on Non-native Forest Insects and Diseases is meeting typically held in November. This meeting usually incorporates multiple firewood outreach discussions and regulatory updates.
December: While not a formal event, we suggest looking at our Holiday Greenery page for Christmas Tree related outreach ideas. 

If anyone knows of other awareness events that are relevant, please Contact Us so we can add them to this list!

Ed Note 1: This page is periodically updated as new events and ideas are uncovered!

Ed Note 2: We do not include standard calendar holidays (such as Memorial Day) in this listing to avoid having the list be too long to be easily readable.