Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week 2024 WEBINAR SERIES


Get ready for another awesome webinar series! Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week is May 20-26th of 2024 and we are coming in hot this year with SIX webinars over the first three days of the week!

In addition to our normal EAB awareness outreach, we at Don’t Move Firewood have partnered with Purdue University’s EABU to highlight this notorious tree pest by hosting a few emerald ash borer themed webinars. Hear from researchers and managers alike over the course of three days. We’ll talk about exciting new developments in ash tree breeding and resistance, research findings on best management strategies, and important updates on management responses to EAB. Of course, we will also include one of our Meet the Team webinars to share what the staff of Don’t Move Firewood has been up to and how we’re helping partners with customized outreach strategies to reach visitors before they travel with potentially infested wood. Read on to learn more and register!

Shareable Flyer here: EAB-Awareness-Week-2024_WebinarsFLYER_v2

To start us off, Rachel Kappler from Holden Forest & Garden along with Jennifer Koch from USFS Northern Research Station join us to talk about ash tree breeding and EAB resistance.

Monday, May 20th at 12pm EST

Ash Tree Breeding and Resistance to Emerald Ash Borer


Next up we will hear from Dr. Emma Hudgins, professor at University of Melbourne, on her research and recent publication analyzing the most effective management strategies for reducing the impacts of EAB in the United States.

Monday, May 20th at 5pm EST

Spread Management Priorities to Limit Emerald Ash Borer


 Later we will hear from The Don’t Move Firewood team and learn about the education and outreach efforts of our campaign including an overview of why it’s important, how you can access our many resources, and what we’ve got to offer both the everyday firewood user as well as professionals in the field of forest health.

Tuesday, May 21st at 12pm EST

Meet the Don’t Move Firewood Team and Learn How You Can Get Involved


 Bob Bruner is up next from Purdue University as he discusses management and options for ash tree care in the aftermath of emerald ash borer infestation.

Tuesday, May 21st at 3pm EST

After Emerald Ash Borer: Can I Save My Trees?


 Then we will hear from our friends up north as Chris MacQuarrie from Natural Resources Canada and Arvind Vasudevan of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency discuss recent management updates for EAB in Canada.

Wednesday, May 22st at 12pm EST

The Tiny Green Menace in the Great White North


 Finally, to wrap up the series, Max Ragozzino from the Oregon Department of Agriculture Division of Insect Pests as he discusses recent management updates for EAB in Oregon.

Wednesday, May 22nd at 3pm EST (12pm PST)

Updates and Management Response to EAB in Oregon


Thank you to all our speakers and attendees!