PlayCleanGo Week

PlayCleanGo week is an awareness event to teach outdoor enthusiasts how they can be a part of the effort to stop invasive plants and pests from spreading- while still partaking in all of their favorite outdoor activities. In 2020, PlayCleanGo week will be June 7-13th. The Don’t Move Firewood and PlayCleanGo campaigns are partners, supporting each other’s efforts to stop the movement and spread of invasive species around North America.

Listed below are selected resources that will help you spread the PlayCleanGo and the Don’t Move Firewood messages.


PlayCleanGo Press Release 2019

PlayCleanGo Awareness Week Toolkit

USDA PlayCleanGo Week Announcement

How to Get Involved in PlayCleanGo Awareness Week

Infographic (currently 2019 – will be updated when 2020 is available) featuring Don’t Move Firewood wording and logo. Part of the promotional PlayCleanGo 2019 package.

Social Media Posts:

  • The bad news: People spread invasive species with our boots, tires, boats, firewood, pets, and horses. The GOOD news: These are also the ways we can STOP invasives from spreading! 10 Things You Can Do To Stop Invasive Species: #PlayCleanGoWeek 
  • On its own, emerald ash borer moves less than four miles a year. But with help from people, it can cover 55 miles per hour. Don’t move firewood: Buy it where you burn it! #PlayCleanGoWeek 

Example Press Releases:

Partnership Information:

PlayCleanGo and PlayCleanGo Week are outreach campaigns of NAISMA, the North American Invasive Species Management Association. Don’t Move Firewood is an outreach campaign of the Forest Health Program of The Nature Conservancy. These two non-profit outreach efforts and their staff work together, along with the Hungry Pests campaign of USDA APHIS, to coordinate messaging and enhance the quality of outreach nationwide, to serve our mutual goals of slowing the spread of invasive species throughout North America.