West Virginia

West Virginia (WV) has the following federal and state regulations on the movement of firewood to protect the state’s natural and agriculture resources from invasive tree pests:

  • A federal quarantine on spongy moth restricts the legal transportation of firewood from central or northeastern WV into southwestern WV. It is also against federal regulations to transport firewood into southwestern WV from other states’ spongy moth quarantine zones.
  • State regulation legally restricts the transport firewood into WV from any state with a known infestation of thousand cankers disease of walnut.

Spotted lanternfly is creeping its way into the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and infests several nearby states. This pest and others like Asian longhorned beetle can hitchhike on firewood which means that bringing firewood into West Virginia from out-of-state poses a serious risk to West Virginia trees. Several nearby states have laws affecting the entry of out-of-state firewood, so firewood should also not be taken out of West Virginia.

Authorities in West Virginia recommend the following:

  • Use only local firewood
  • Buy firewood at your campground or collect dead and down firewood when permitted
  • Do take firewood home with you after camping

Campgrounds often have additional restrictions on the use or movement of firewood and often have firewood available on-site. Find out the rules in your area and destination before traveling with firewood. When in doubt, buy it where you burn it.

This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of  1 August 2023.

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