It is illegal to bring uncertified firewood into Oregon from a state outside of the Pacific Northwest (i.e., OR, WA, ID). Oregon’s Department of Agriculture requires that all certified, heat-treated firewood that enters the state from outside these areas be labeled as “Approved Pacific Northwest Firewood” or “Approved Pest Free”. These rules are in place to protect Oregon from harmful forest pests that spread to new areas via the movement of firewood.

Important: The highly destructive emerald ash borer has been found in Oregon. Officials in the state have destroyed trees found to be infested and are currently surveying the surrounding areas to determine the extent of the established infestation. A quarantine is in place to contain the infestation, and hardwood firewood is prohibited from leaving the Washington County. If you live or travel in Oregon, please, don’t move firewood!

Because some areas in Oregon are already infested with the pests that cause sudden oak death and Dutch elm disease, it is against the law to move firewood out of, or within, the the quarantine zone (13 listed counties). Many midwestern and eastern states also prohibit firewood from Oregon to prevent the spread of thousand cankers disease of walnut.

Oregon Dept. of Agriculture states that as a general rule, moving firewood 50 miles is too far, and under 10 or less miles is best. Since collecting downed wood within all national and state parks in Oregon is against the law, Oregon’s State Parks suggest you buy your firewood at the campground, or close to it.

This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 13 September 2023.

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