The movement of firewood in Ohio is regulated by both state and federal authorities due to multiple tree pest infestations. For example, regulations prohibit the movement of firewood out of several areas in Clermont county due to an infestation of Asian longhorned beetle. Additionally, it is against the law to take firewood out of any area infested with the spongy moth; this includes 51 counties in Ohio. Finally, under Ohio law, anyone leaving an area infested with spotted lanternfly must fill out this checklist to ensure they don’t spread this harmful pest.

Campgrounds in National Forests and State Parks often have additional restrictions on the use and movement of firewood. For example:

To help prevent the spread of harmful forest pests in the state, avoid traveling with firewood; instead, buy local and burn local.

This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of  29 August 2023.

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