Authorities in Nebraska have several recommendations for firewood users:

  • Buy and burn your wood in the same county or region where it was cut
  • Acquire firewood within 50 miles of your destination
  • Leave firewood at home when you camp; buy or collect firewood on site when permitted

Nebraska regulates the entry of walnut firewood from out-of-state sources to prevent the introduction of thousand cankers disease. Additionally, many states regulate firewood movement to prevent the spread of tree pests like sudden oak death, spongy moth, and Asian longhorned beetle; this means that bringing any uncertified firewood into Nebraska is poses a risk to forest health – and may even be breaking the law depending on where it comes from.

The highly destructive emerald ash borer is present in some areas of Nebraska; those traveling from counties with known infestations should take extra care to prevent further spread of this destructive beetle by NOT moving firewood.

Ultimately, the best firewood options in Nebraska are to Buy It Where You Burn It or purchase firewood that is certified as heat-treated to kill any lingering pests.

This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 8 September 2023.

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Pest Specific Information

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