Minnesota Summary:

The State of Minnesota restricts the movement of firewood into and within the state, and there are multiple counties within the federal and state emerald ash borer quarantine in Minnesota- which means it is illegal to take untreated firewood out of those counties and into the rest of Minnesota. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture certifies producers of heat treated firewood which can be taken anywhere in the state. It is against Minnesota state law to bring unapproved firewood into any Minnesota state park, state forest, or day-use area. Approved firewood types include; packaged certified heat treated firewood, firewood purchased from within the park being visited, or non-ash firewood harvested and bought within the same county as the park. Firewood is available for sale at all Minnesota state parks. The Chippewa and Superior National Forests as well as Isle Royale National Park also restrict the movement of firewood into their forests and lands. There are gypsy moth quarantines in place for Lake and Cook Counties – these quarantines mean that firewood and many other wood products may not be removed from these areas. It is illegal to transport hardwood firewood from any area infested with thousand cankers disease into the state of Minnesota. Additionally, it is illegal to transport pine wood with bark from any state infested with mountain pine beetle into Minnesota.  This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 23 February 2018.

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