Minnesota has the following firewood regulations to protect the state’s natural resources and prevent the further spread of invasive forest pests like mountain pine beetle, emerald ash borer, and spongy moth:

Minnesota’s Department of Agriculture (MDA) and Department of Natural Resources reminds firewood users that:

  • Firewood that looks normal could still be harboring invasive pests, so always avoid transporting it
  • Buy MDA certified firewood- it has been heat-treated and is safe to move within the state
  • You can report firewood violations to Minnesota’s Department of Agriculture

Chippewa and Superior National Forests prohibit any firewood that originates from outside the state of Minnesota and recommend acquiring firewood from nearby sources. Also, Minnesota State Parks only allow MDA certified firewood or firewood purchased at the park.

Bringing firewood from Canada into the USA is prohibited unless the firewood is labeled and certified heat-treated. Read about these requirements on the USDA and CBP firewood information sheet.

Bringing firewood from the USA into Canada is prohibited unless the firewood is labeled and certified heat-treated. Canada also encourages visitors to use local firewood.

Need to find local firewood in MN? Visit Firewood Scout

This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 7 July 2021.

Minnesota Web Resources:

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