Kentucky Summary:

All firewood entering Kentucky State Parks must either be bundled, stamped USDA certified clean wood, or purchased in state with receipt of sale on hand. Within Kentucky, many individual counties have strict prohibitions against moving materials beyond county lines, to prevent the further spread of pests present in those regions. Cumberland Gap National Park, Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, Mammoth Cave National Park, and Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area all have restrictions and/or prohibitions on bringing firewood into their parks. To find local firewood sellers in Kentucky go to It is illegal to take untreated firewood out of Kentucky and into an area beyond the federal quarantine for emerald ash borer- this includes all of western Tennessee (see map). Lastly, authorities in the state of Kentucky advise that regardless of the quarantine status of your area, firewood should be bought and used locally to prevent the spread of pests within the state. This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 18 September 2019.

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