Illinois Summary:

It is illegal to bring firewood into Illinois from out of state, with exceptions for commercial operations and individuals holding a current importer certificate. It is also illegal to take firewood from Illinois into non-quarantined areas (such as portions of Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Arkansas) as the entire state of Illinois is in the emerald ash borer federal quarantine. The Illinois Department of Agriculture urges that confirmed infested ash firewood be burned on or near the site of origin, and strongly urges that regardless of quarantine status in the area, all firewood be produced, distributed, sold and burned locally.  Unrestricted and unregulated movement of formerly regulated ash and related wood articles within the state is now allowed but the federal quarantine still restricts movement into non-quarantined areas. It is still strongly recommended that campers burn all firewood in their possession before they leave their campsite. Illinois state parks, and many private campgrounds in Illinois, prohibit guests from bringing firewood onto their property. This summary is accurate to the best of DMF staff abilities as of 17 September 2019.

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